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Nov 18, 2013 8:30am PST
and get up next will continue with the medicare reform taken welcome back in time for clubs in today's money matters were taught not medical report. people have been paying close attention to the rican government coffers. note that the many uncle prompt entire medical system will be tall officials from the social security department. but the debate on the ninth with a recent conference the chinese the room i prefer to chew in conducting medical subsidies to realize that the noble cause security system the average medical expenses for patients are forced on us. about six hundred us dollars into two hostile to the hawthorn team of ten thousand patients each year the total medical tent to me about six million dollars in the year the government to pull the covers six million dollars is the number sixteen in the hostel have to pay the rent a cop right now both have tended to rate their drug prices for patients to cover costs to make up for the localities of that. the problem of the hostels are able to charge more money for drugs the prices partially covered already. some economists have i
Nov 26, 2013 6:30pm PST
. watching also he kept coming up it's the false medicare debate i'm all for the jets couldn't refuse blood in the year of courts in the standings by his decision to do a deal with ukraine has pulled the rug out from under an agreement that was to decide this week. that's sparked the biggest demonston
Nov 25, 2013 5:00pm PST
to professor of international relations and knew she tagged me. all part of medicare part a bit of confidence building process and that is exact what they're doing to fight the tide is going to be that the camera the one thing fell on a daily basis. got to talking back to hq indiana from bed to the security council the phone and caught up with michael to provide the gallant either dramatic eyes me that iran is sticking to the script. of course also for ainistration in washington to show its own as adversaries that the iq this is a good deal. not just for iraq and the region in the middle east but also for united states. most of the deals made life more difficult for president obama ill defend the administration's gets to the concessions now is to come that israel's was hoping to link is to dip mix tt up to criticize the month. today that diplomacy open up a new path toward a world that is more secure. and flying in the face of president obama geneva it's over. so the store instead. you will it's a apartment where israel as well as many u s lawmakers don't think that iraq should develop nuclea
Nov 25, 2013 5:30pm PST
's profiting from the fact that medicare is not going to reduce reimbursements for dialysis care at least in the next year. like the benchmark in numbers for you now actually just mentioned and dax coal mining on monday. it closed it just slightly shy of that nine thousand three hundred mark there. the year's top fifty was also higher on the day over an eeyore were treating cylinder way for the dow jones industrial average and is very nicely above that sixteen thousand level higher just fractionally at the moment. as for the euro dollar is currently trending lower paying for one dollars thirty five thirty. each and every year eu member states are losing billions in tax revenues because major corporations make use of loopholes for an interview in taxes than the fever certain terms as well. it's not a typical case of tax dodging mind you. an eu directive aimed at preventing double taxation is used by some corporations to legally avoid paying tax rates among women global giants like starbucks which are failing to physically support the communities with a profit for ikea. basf and other multi
Nov 26, 2013 8:30am PST
nine hundred us dollars and up front investment. the month expenditures for medicare equipment and supplies due to lack of us dollars dollars to help the mission of the car the net profits for well run one of the six hundred eight hundred us dollars per month this might not seem like much. nothing could sell it for many in china. he averaged only for white collar worker and the cancer cures to be one of three hundred us dollars. many net users of their income high profit market. whenever you can get them getting nails done after we went to care for patients the enthusiastic about our camping pictures. i handed the second papal woman. it's not weird that no longer making huge profits. however most women are willing to pay as much of the camper beauty cover so that users can opt into the applause of the high profit business one row quo celtic nation that kills are valuable for services to be quite high compared to real pay gap and other real hype up the market. the tiny stores are making very little profit to a valuable skill actually many years can be very time consuming service
Nov 13, 2013 11:00am PST
. with green hair. i hate could not relate to medicare. because it was considered a quran cannot learn the secret language. may twenty ten and nineteen is one of them already spoken arabic in andalusia on him with his family to say that although he was soon and try and language. it also he wrote in classical arabic which was later translated into a deep rooted cutting it up. on twenty one to one on one of my to be in the eighteenth century judea and beg underwent a dramatic changes many especially in north africa began to associate glass with classical and taking began incorporating more recently specific dialects. you must complete to cope with it. then there was a break in the fifteenth century and use no longer a member of classical arabic and so returned to the arabic dialects. that is called judeo arabic. so from the sixteenth century. we are all confused speak and write in judeo arabic and a big scene in judeo arabic in light of the judeo arabic language from the fifth century to the present day there's been this break in the fifteenth century the move from literary i'm going to
Nov 26, 2013 7:00pm PST
the you know you. watching also he kept coming up it's the false medicare debate i'm all for the jets couldn't refuse blood in the year of courts in the standings by his decision to do a deal with ukraine has pulled the rug out from under an agreement that was to decide this week. that's sparked the biggest demonstrations the country has seen since two thousand ford received wide images right now. from kiev with the opposition is up in arms victor get a cold which have the option. we'll ask our panel in the fall. the study are those that deserve and say hello once again declared try. thank you false but these are the headlines. all anti government protests in ukraine's prime minister says russia offered financial assistance in the tenth of putting on hold and to start trade deals with the eu. anti syrian rebel great threat to boycott peace talks in geneva the pre tsunami says they can be no negotiations as long as on site remains in power. and the us government makes its case for independence from per cent and says that by gaining the power to make big decisions in the na
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7